PYROCRYSTAL S.r.l. projects, manufactures and install on a turnkey basis reverse osmosis plants complete of chemical/physical pre-treatment.

Our plants  are assembled on painted carbon steel skids or stainless steel ones, complete of piping and stainless steel connections, high-pressure pumps and control switch boards.

About reverse Osmosis process
The reverse osmosis process is used in case of water high salinity (from 500 to 50.000 ppm) and allows to obtain efficiencies of 95% in solved solid removal and 100% in  bacteria and virus removal. 

The term osmosis means, in physics and chemistry, a phenomena  consisting in the movement of diffusion of two miscible liquids of different concentration, through a porous septum or a membrane, semi-permeable or permeable, to both media. 
Each solution has an osmotic pressure directly proportioned to its molality.

When on the two sides of the membrane we find solutions of different concentration, the difference of osmotic pressure moves the solvent molecules of the most diluted solution towards the most concentrated one, till the concentration of both solutions become identical. 

Reverse osmosis is, the phenomena that happens when on the surface of a semi-permeable membrane dividing two solutions of different concentration, is applied a difference of pressure contrary and superior to the osmotic pressure, so that the flow of solvent comes up from the most concentrated solution to the less one.
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